The Alacrity Foundation is a charity which is responsible for the Alacrity Graduate Programme.
This educational programme is dedicated to the creation of a new generation of entrepreneurs.

The Alacrity model taps into the wealth of our graduate talent and provides education, opportunity and access to capital – all of which are key ingredients for entrepreneurial success
— Business Minister Edwina Hart

Running a start-up business is a big challenge. Statistics show that nearly fifty percent of start-ups fail to make it beyond the first year. Businesses fail for a variety of reasons. All too frequently the product may work perfectly but customers don’t want to buy it. Sometimes the funding runs out. Success is based on a lot of factors. Many of these are personal qualities. Amongst these personal qualities an acute sense of timing and dogged persistence are some of the most important. None of them are taught at university. They are all acquired by experience.

Get Paid

A £18,000 tax-free allowance per team member - the equivalent of
a £22,000 salary.

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Get Mentored

A postgraduate education in entrepreneurship based in the real world, not in the classroom.

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Your Business

A Seed fund provides capital to make sure each team is positioned for success after they incorporate.

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The Graduate Programme is designed to increase the prospects of success by providing the experience to develop a range of business skills and personal qualities. The Foundation achieves this by working with industry partners in identifying near to market business issues and challenges and asks members of the Programme to solve them.

Members of the Programme typically work in teams of four comprising three engineers and a business graduate. Teams are immersed in a structure that provides intensive support in traditional business disciplines. We understand running a start-up requires more than this. It needs an emotional commitment. The Alacrity Graduate Programme is a unique incubation experience because it is empathetic and places a premium on encouraging self-learning and educational advancement.