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Every year we take new teams of graduates with each team comprising of four/five members. These teams are a blend of graduates from science, engineering, maths and technology backgrounds and one graduate with a background in business. We recruit members of the programme on the basis of technical ability and personality. We expect our technical graduates to demonstrate proficiency as software developers. We appreciate that many of our graduates may apply with a base level understanding of coding, if this is the case the foundation runs a 4-6 week bootcamp every summer to bring our teams up to a standard where they can hit the ground running.

Technical ability or a background in business alone is not sufficient to earn a place on the programme. Starting a company is incredibly tough but also a rewarding experience which requires certain personality traits to succeed. Our graduate applicants must demonstrate emotional resilience, a hard work ethic, maturity, a rugged persistence and most of all the ability to work in a close knit team.


To be successful you should understand that…

1. Founding a company will be really, really hard and I still want to do it.

2. It will be a lengthy process loaded with humiliating failures along the way, and I must learn from them and not take them personally.

3. I cannot do it alone.

4. The path to success is not an algorithm with set rules to follow, but an iterative process where I can only increase or decrease the odds of success, but I cannot guarantee anything. Even if I achieve success, it is only temporary.

5. The goal is to make an “anti-fragile” organisation – one that gets stronger over time when faced with problems, failures, uncertainty, and surprises.

6. When others provide advice, I will listen, but I will also recognise that it is up to me to choose which advice to implement, and how to implement it, since only I own the final results and accountability.

7. I will have to leave my comfort zone every day to grow and continue to be successful.

8. I am doing this for more than the money. I believe in my cause and my team.

Credit: Prof. Bill Aulet, Disciplined Entrepreneurship 


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