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‘Five challenges’ podcast series – Episode 5 – ‘Bounded rationality’ and entrepreneurial decision-making.

    Episode 4 of the ‘Five Challenges’ podcast series

    AlacrityUK · Episode Four - Value-based forms of rationality in entrepreneurial behaviour Welcome back to the fourth in the ‘five challenges’ podcast series. I’m Katherine…

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      Episode 3 of the ‘Five Challenges’ podcast series

      AlacrityUK · Episode Three - Optimal Distinctiveness Welcome back to the third in the ‘five challenges’ podcast series. I’m Katherine Parsons, doctoral researcher at Cardiff…

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        Episode 2 of the ‘Five Challenges’ Podcast Series

        [audio m4a=""][/audio] Episode 2 – When is identity conflict useful? Welcome back to the second episode in the ‘five challenges’ podcast series. I’m Katherine Parsons,…

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          Welcome to the Five Challenges Podcast Series

          AlacrityUK · Episode One - How To Manage Shifting Identities Managing our multiple selves; working, living and parenting from home in a pandemic - text…

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            Response to MSc Research Findings from Katherine Parsons

            The Foundation worked with Katherine during her MSc/PhD research into the “I am who I say I am?” – Identity negotiation in an entrepreneurship development…

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              Understanding Entrepreneurial Identities

              During the period between October 2018 and June 2019, I undertook a number of ‘narrative’ interviews with the 2018/2019 cohort of the Alacrity programme through…

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                Identity hangover – hanging on to our previous roles in the present

                Tags; identity; roles; Entrepreneurs as founders of their own companies are well-known for their psychological attachment to their business - their ‘baby’. Often seeing their…

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                “Who am I”? – Understanding the identities we inhabit

                    Entrepreneurs have been type-cast as in it for the money.   Type ‘successful entrepreneur’ into a google image search and you will be…

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