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“Who am I”? – Understanding the identities we inhabit

    Introducing our research collaboration with Katherine Parsons, Cardiff Business School

    “It’s not purely academic” … bringing business and research together….   Katherine has previously worked in Management Development and Organisational Learning roles across both the…

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    The four-point plan to prevent meltdown of the UK’s vital tech start-up sector

    Article first posted on Business Live By Sion Barry Media Wales Business Editor   Valuable article from our Chairman Prof Simon Gibson and his views…

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    Alacrity – From Year Zero

      Written by Dr. Wil Williams, Alacrity Foundation CEO. A great deal has happened since 2013, the Alacrity Foundation’s year zero.  It could be argued,…

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    What’s been happening at Alacrity?

    At Alacrity, we combine graduate entrepreneurs with world-class mentors to create the next generation of tech companies. The first 18 weeks of the programme have…

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    Slush Part 2. Product market fit – the holy grail: “Tis but a scratch”

    Written by Dr. Wil Williams, Alacrity Foundation CEO.   A ton of stuff is written about product market fit.  I recently attended the Slush event…

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    Slush Part 1. Billy No Mates: Not for Long

    Written by Dr. Wil Williams, Alacrity Foundation CEO. In late November I attended the Slush tech entrepreneurship convention in Helsinki. Slush is the world's leading…

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    NEWS: Alacrity Alumni Company Hut Six Investment Round

    Hut Six - who graduated from the Alacrity Foundation’s programme in 2017, has secured a new £450,000 equity investment in a funding round that included…

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    “How to create jobs …and value”

    OSCAR SEASON 'The Pursuit of Happyness' is a 2006 American biographical drama film based on entrepreneur Chris Gardner's nearly one-year struggle being homeless.  When Chris Gardner (Will Smith) makes a…

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