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Prof Ian Hargreaves CBE

Vice Chairman of Trustees

Ian is a trustee of the Alacrity Foundation. He is Professor Emeritus at the School of Journalism, Media and Culture at Cardiff University, where previously he was Professor of Digital Economy. He also serves on the boards of the BBC and Wales Millennium Centre and on the Oversight and Appointments Committee of the Financial Times. His previous roles include: Director of BBC News and Current Affairs; Deputy Editor of the Financial Times, Editor of the Independent and Editor of the New Statesman and Senior Partner at Ofcom. He is also a former Director of Strategic Communications at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Director of Communications for BAA plc.

As for the Charity Commission website, I think that what they require is for us to name all current charity trusteeships which I hold, in addition to my position with the Alacrity Foundation. The relevant titles are these: Trustee, Wales Millennium Centre, Wincott Foundation and National Theatre Wales. I am due to step down from National Theatre Wales at the end of this month, however, so it would probably simplest not to include that in a revised Charity Commission listing.

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