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Alacrity is a unique 15 month programme that provides graduates with practical business training, software skills and mentoring so that they can develop as entrepreneurs and launch their own UK based technology companies.

About the Alacrity Foundation

Alacrity is a unique educational charity. Our charitable mission is to mentor and train graduates to create the next generation of hi-tech companies based in Wales. Our 15 month programme provides the skills and knowledge required to run a profitable technology startup.

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Overview of Alacrity

  • A Full-Time Salary

    Get paid to learn and receive a tax free stipend of £1,500 a month for the duration of the programme.

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  • Get Trained

    Our entire curriculum is based around providing practical skills with real world applications.

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  • Skilled Mentoring

    A network of over 70 amazing mentors who share their expert knowledge and experience.

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  • World Class Team

    Our internal team have created over 100 companies that have a combined market value in the billions.

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  • Receive Funding

    We work with an investment fund that gives graduate companies access to up to £250,000.

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  • Solve Real-World Challenges

    Answer problems from health, financial, technology, education, security and construction sectors.

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  • Should I Apply?

    Alacrity combines ambitious graduates from business with technology and science disciplines.

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